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Have a great day of fishing with Tom Thornton, professional guide in Eastern Oklahoma!

Tom has been an avid fisherman his entire life.  Specializing in large, striped bass(stripers) from the Lower Illinois River near Gore, Oklahoma,  he also fishes trout and white bass(sandbass) in the same area for those who prefer to catch these smaller fighting fish.

Another fish Tom has fished since he was a young man is catfish. Primarily blues and channel, but occasionally a flathead are caught in the nearby Arkansas River and its tributaries.

Tom is dedicated to providing you with a memorable fishing experience regardless of which species you prefer.


A word from Tom…

I am looking forward to assisting you to catch what hopefully will be the most fish or the biggest fish you have ever caught!    Those are the two phrases I hear most often.  Fishing should be enjoyable and fun.  I will do my best to make it just that!